Please sign our petition to reinstate the live CCTV traffic camera feeds for the A453

As most of you will have already seen, back in December, National Highways, the government body who control and operate the CCTV cameras on the A453 (and the rest of England) restricted access to their feeds, freezing the images on that date and not allowing third parties like us to give you the access to the latest traffic images you previously enjoyed.

We've been working hard to get this access restored but have unfortunately met with nothing but bureaucratic red tape and a response of "no, because we said so" from National Highways.

Road users in Scotland and Wales don't have this problem; their government bodies put the needs of the public first and have created ways for third-party providers to build fast, helpful services, now used by thousands of UK motorists daily.

The more people that sign, the quicker this can be resolved, so please share!